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About us

We design and manufacture a range of storage solutions for all crafters. Based around the Ikea cube that is so popular as a storage solution in craft rooms and areas. We use either 3 or 6mm MDF for our products construction. All pieces are precision laser cut.

Offered as ready to assemble flat pack, each kit comes with instructions to assist with assembly.

Our Foil Art is all designed or curated in house and printed onto a quality card stock best suited to foiling.

To compliment these we have sourced top quality toner foils from all over the world, all tested for quality and toner release capabilities.

Our Products

Our products are designed by crafters, for crafters.

We welcome your ideas for new solutions to your needs.

While we do not do one off jobs, if you have an idea that would be suitable for us to produce and sell on the site, we would love to hear your ideas.

More than Just an On-Line Store

We are a family team, the Crafty Critta spends her days in her lair (craft room) dreaming up ideas for the Crafty Elf (me) to construct to make her life easier and organized.

It was time to make my life easier, so upgraded my saw and hammer for a laser cutter and here we are, ready to share these storage solutions with you.

As we are growing, we have added more to our range than just storage.

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Our Team